Transform Your Business with the Expertise of Our Corporate Lawyers – At PJG Law Office, We Provide Comprehensive Legal Services to Help You Achieve Your Goals

The Office actively participated in the Corporate Governance Project which was financially supported by USAID in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Expert Legal Representation Services for Companies – Achieve Favorable Outcomes with Our Law Office

The Office founder, Bojana Tkalcic-Dulic, prior to her engagement in the private legal practice, was a long-standing judge at the courts of different types and instances, with practice in civil...

Navigating Bankruptcy and Liquidation Laws Made Easy with Our Experienced Lawyers

The Office provides legal services of representing the clients in the procedures of liquidation and bankruptcy of local companies and banks.

Protect Your Interests in the Energy Sector with PJG Law Office’s Expert Legal Services

The Office provides consultancy within the energy sector, which, among other things, includes services of obtaining appropriate approvals from relevant authorities...

Expert Labour Law Services: Rely on PJG Law Office for Advising, Analysis, and Representation

The Office regularly provides advice regarding the application of labour legislation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, prepares and analyses new...

Navigating Competition Law Made Easy: Get Comprehensive Legal Services from Our Expert Lawyers

The Office offers services related to the transactions which may require application of competition regulations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Expert Legal Services in the Finance Field

The Office regularly provides legal advice to the largest international financial organizations and banks in their financing projects related to commercial and banking sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Privatization, Acquisition & Investments – Expert Legal Guidance for Your Business

The Office, both independently and in cooperation with other international law firms, has been engaged in a number of privatization...